Fibby’s tailored water safety method is developed with the Dutch Don’t Drown Foundation

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Pre-order Fibby and be the first with a Fibby on your back this summer

This is what experts say:

Nationale Raad Zwemveiligheid logo
Jan Rijpstra

Chairman of the National Dutch Swimming Safety Council

"Fibby is a marvelous, innovative product for safety in the water. It brings safety and fun to kids and their parents at a really young age."

Prof. dr. Joost Bierens

Editor-in-chief of the leading book Drowning

"Normally I am very skeptical about these innovations, but with Fibby I have the feeling that all fits rather well."

Elleke, mother of Mik (2)

One of the multiple parents that tested & designed Fibby with us.

"It's really cool to see how the kids become more and more free in the water, so fast! That makes me so proud."

Being at the waterside with young children is nerve-wracking

That is, until now!

With in-app videos, we provide you and your children with playful guidelines.

Distracted by playing, kids won’t realize they're swimming more & more on their own.

With a relaxed and alert 'you' nearby and Fibby's patented tilting mechanism, that positions children in a natural, upright pose, will do the rest.

Let's Am-Fibby-Fy Humanity

Did you know that ‘on average’ 385 children drown worldwide every single day?

That is why the Dutch Don’t Drown Foundation is starting 'water safety' projects with Fibby.  In the future you will contribute directly to these projects when buying Fibby.

But first let's bring Fibby to life together on Kickstarter!

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Why is Fibby different compared to all other swimming aids?

Fibby compared to other swimming aids.
As long as your child is not yet motorically capable of learning professional swimming strokes, it is a matter of survival at the waterside for years. With an ongoing struggle to let your children wear uncomfortable swimming aids.

But what if we turn that struggle into playing and the swimming aid into a friend?  Fear and tension are replaced by fun and confidence, by doing more and more alone while playing.

Then swimming becomes safe and fun.

Meanwhile, you bring water safety with Fibby's to children who would otherwise never get swimming lessons.

This is what makes Fibby different from all other swimming aids.

Pre-order now and get Fibby
with a discount

Pre-order Fibby and be the first next
summer with a Fibby on your back


Showing my son Jip instruction videos in which actors and peers are teaching him funny games to play with me (that in the meantime also teach him to get out of the water over and over again)

Hi, I am Hugo, father of two, and here you see my family.

I initially started Fibby for one reason: becoming more and more relaxed at the waterside. After discovering that drowning is the third leading cause of death of children worldwide, I wanted to make a difference for all parents and children. I reached out to the Dutch Don't Drown Foundation and successful children’s safety product designers.

Together we've developed the tilting swimming aid with the dedicated methodology. A journey that I now invite you to join as well.

Now that Fibby works, it's time to bring fun and water safety to everyone. What if, in a few years from now on, a parent will know no better than to start training their kids from 2 years old to get out of the water after an accidental fall?

Anywhere on our blue planet!

Let's Am-fibby-fy humanity!


Hugo van der Spek
Father of 2 & Founder of Fibby


How much will Fibby cost?


It’s needless to say that Feebs who bring Fibby to live with us via Kickstarter will get a discount on the future retail price of €65 for a Fibby and one complete in-app video course.  As soon as we are live on Kickstarter, you can pre-order ‘rewards’ with 1, 2 or 3 Fibby’s, with the same amount of in-app video courses per pre-order.

Pricing for the ‘Limited Early Feebs Rewards’ for the first 50 pre-orders will start at:

  • €50 for one Fibby plus an in-app video course (28% discount on future retail price)

  • €99 for two Fibby’s plus 2 in-app video courses (28% discount on future retail price)

  • €145 for three Fibby’s plus 3 in-app video courses (30% discount on future retail price)

Once one of these Early Bird rewards is sold out, the ‘Splash Feeb Rewards’ becomes available, of which the pricing is slightly higher. So sign up to our mailing list, get notified the moment we launch and join our mission to Am-Fibby-Fy humanity!

When are you launching the Kickstarter campaign?


Since so many Feebs are signing up right now, it can be a matter of days!

Is the Fibby swimming aid designed following international certification standards? 


Yes, and according to our even stricter internal requirements.

Make your child water safe with Fibby.

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